Russia Wants To Become A Leader In Gambling

In a very short time, a new gambling empire will be lining up in Macau and Las Vegas. Primorié is gradually transformed into a colossal casino singapore online area. Russia’s ambitious project is part of a desire to build a city housing 15 hotels (three, four and five stars in Ussuri Bay), a number of casinos, a yacht club, a shopping center and a multifunctional exhibition center, restaurants, swimming pools, shops and any infrastructure conducive to relaxation and play.

Vladivostok, soon to be the gambling capital of the world?

A zone of games of chance is slowly taking shape, but surely in Primorié. The first stones to this gigantic edifice have also been laid. The first casino and a luxury hotel, already built, pave the way for numerous infrastructures dedicated to rest, leisure and games. Pending opening, scheduled for next May, the first establishments have also recruited staff, currently in training. The Tiger de Cristal gaming complex, decorated with Asian inspiration, has 800 slot machines, 25 VIP game tables, 40 classic game tables and luxury hotel rooms.

This project is carried out with great rigor under the watchful eye of the great Lawrence Ho, the son of the casino magnate Stanley Ho. Indeed, the latter has signed an investment agreement with the Territory of the Primorye for the establishment of this casino hotel near Vladivostok. Lawrence Ho is an undisputed leader in the leisure and entertainment industry. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Melco international Development Limited which has launched a large number of investments mainly in Macau, the Philippines, Cambodia and Spain. The reputation of this gambling giant undoubtedly attracts other investors to this region of Russia.

Target Asian countries

Chinese-inspired decoration is a carefully considered JDL Singapore strategy, initiated by professionals in the sector. In fact, the Primorié gambling zone wishes to take advantage of its proximity to Asian countries. Thus, the objective is to attract Asian players (Japanese, Korean, Chinese…) who, for the moment, are going to Macao or Las Vegas to have a good time.

Primorié can obviously appeal to Asian customers who recognize that Macau and Las Vegas are not as accessible as they used to be in terms of price. Alexeï Martynov, director of the International Institute of New Countries, is convinced of the future success of the Primorié gambling zone with Asian players. He also believes that this new empire will be able to compete with Macau within a few years.

The Primorié gambling zone should be fully operational by 2020. The construction of all infrastructure should be completed by this date. In the meantime, tourists and gamers alike can visit the Crystal Tiger Hotel-Casino which will open in May of this year.