Great Difficulties In Mauritius Casinos

Mauritius casinos have been in a very bad position for several years now. The losses accumulate year after year and despite the efforts, the situation does not seem to change. The new Chairman of SIC Managements Services, Mick Gujadhur, therefore informed employees of the improvements planned to reverse this downward trend in revenue. This announcement was made on Friday January 23 during a seminar organized by the Casino Employees Union in Trianon.

Accumulated losses since 2008

The casinos of Mauritius have been in difficulty since 2008. That year, the establishments suffered a loss of Rs 16 million. Six years later, the fall is even more important since this loss now reaches Rs 100 million. The gaming complexes brought in Rs 904 million in 2008 and the revenue collected in 2013 was only Rs 578 million. Despite a gloomy reality, the costs borne by casinos in Mauritius are increasingly important. In 2008, the expenses incurred the colossal sum of Rs 409 million.

Last year, they went up to Rs 544 million. Faced with this most unfavorable situation, the management chaired by the new Chairman of SIC Managements Services Mick Gujadhur, has no choice but to put these establishments back on track. To achieve this, it provides for major changes so that casinos can generate more substantial income.

Concrete actions

Chairman Mick Gujadhur underlines his desire to change the situation towards a little stability. We must act quickly, but well in order to preserve as many jobs as possible. Mauritius casinos are also under pressure from the government. Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo’s statements about gambling establishments risk upsetting him. Indeed, a period of 6 months is granted to casinos to restore their health and a period of 1 year to generate profits. Jack Bizlall, member of the Steering Committee, does not think that such a short deadline could change much to the situation of the casinos.

For the moment, the priority is the implementation of an effective business plan. Mick Gujadhur recommends the installation of new machines, the restructuring of the casinos and their relocation in the North and the East. As the committee voted against the sale of gambling establishments, the best solution is still restructuring according to Jack Bizlall. The latter even thinks that two new casinos could be a game-changer.

However, Jack Bizlall made it clear that the replacement of old machines should in no way be a threat to employees. Although the new machines do not require human intervention, jobs must be preserved. He also pointed out that currently games of chance are becoming more and more diversified. Players have the option of going to an online casino and proximity games like scratch cards are also very popular.